Stainless steel 317L round bar

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317l SS round bar is a molybdenum bearing low carbon alloy “L” austenitic stainless steel grade which offers improved corrosion resistance over stainless steel 304L and 316L.

The low carbon offer sensitization resistance which welding and other thermal process. It has high corrosion resistance properties which makes it suitable for highly corrosive acidic chloride environment.

Although it has same high strength and corrosion resistance just as 317 stainless steel, it offers stronger welds due to its low carbon content.

Alloy 317l bar properties

  • It has good corrosion resistance and mechanical properties
  • Ease of fabrication
  • Offers strong welds due to low carbon element
  • It resists the attack of sulfuric acid compounds
  • It offers good strength and toughness at cryogenic temperature
  • Provides moderate strength at high temperature
  • It has higher creep, stress-to-rupture and tensile strength compared to other stainless steels.
  • It has reduced intergranular precipitation of chromium carbides while welding and stress relieving.
  • It has low possibility of corrosion failure from intergranular attack.
  • It is resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion, which makes it a successful product for a variety of highly corrosive conditions.

AISI 317L flat bar Applications

  • Chemical and petrochemical processing equipment
  • Condensers in fossil fuel processing
  • Food processing equipment
  • F lue gas desulfurization scrubber systems
  • Nuclear fuel & power generation station
  • Use in pulp and paper industry
  • Equipment for textile industry

DIN 1.4438 rod Fabrication


SS 317L is welded and processed by standard practice

Cold Forming

It is quite ductile and easily formed. The addition of molybdenum and nitrogen implicit more intense processing, equipment may be require compared to SS 304 grade.

Hot Forming

The working temperature of 1652 – 2102°F are suggest for hot working process.

Working below 1742°F is not suggested.

If the final forming temperature falls under this approach a solution anneal is done at the range of 1976 to 2156°F and also rapid quenching is done.

What is the chemical composition of 316L vs 317L?

SS 317L hex bar chemical composition is develop with chromium 18 – 20%, nickel 11 to 15%, molybdenum 3 to 4%, manganese 2%, silicon 1%, phosphorous 0.045%, also consists of carbon and sulfur 0.03% and balanced with the iron content.

And SS 316l chemical composition is develop with chromium 16 – 18%, nickel 10 – 14%, molybdenum 2 – 3%, carbon 0.03%, manganese 2%, silicon 0.75%, phosphorus 0.045%, sulfur 0.03% and nitrogen 0.10%.

The chemical content of Alloy 317L rod give slight edge in corrosive and reducing media. Due to which it is use across stress induce setups or harsh environment compare to SS 316L grade.

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