Stainless steel 310 round bar

Om Export India, is one of the prominent suppliers of Stainless Steel 310 Round Bar. It is available in different specifications as per the requirement of customers.

Alloy 310 Round Bar is an austenitic stainless steel round bar which is widely used in a variety of industries. It comes in different dimensions according to the ASTM, ASME, AISI, BS, EN, DIN, JIS, specifications.

There are different standard specification such as ASTM A276 and A479 which signifies the different dimension and uses.

It is the specification for hot rolled and cold drawn round bars, it is available in different finishes. It provides exceptional resistance to oxidation under high-temperature ranges.

AISI 310 Round bar Application

It is among the most demanding form of bar in manufacturing sector and it is use in manufacturing tools and equipment of machines. Some common application in the manufacturing sector are given below.

Manufacturing Fastener Products

It is in high demand for making different types of fasteners product such as screw, nuts, washers, and rivets which can be in micro size to mega size it also depends upon the application of customers.

DIN 1.4841 bar is a perfect material for machining and for making fastener which can be use in industrial and domestic application.

Manufacturing tools

Stainless steel 310 round bars are use for manufacturing tools and implements use by technicians and mechanics. It is good choice for machining it economically and derive tool in custom shapes and forms.

Machine components manufacturing

It is available in different sizes which can be are directly use for manufacturing machine component like smaller ones use in automobile engine. It is high-quality stainless steel base products use for making machine components.

Construction and Engineering sector

It is frequently utilize in construction and engineering project. These provides an immediate stability and strength and hence project could be easily done through modular round bars products.

Rails and trellis

It is used in the manufacture of trellis and fences or rails in buildings, now a days it is highly demanded.


Automobile frames and chassis are now being made with steel round bars

What temperature does ASTM A276 type 310 hex bar operate at?

310 stainless rod can be use at temperature up to 1150°C in constant service and 1035°C in intermittent service.

What is the temperature limit for SS 310 forged bar?

UNS S31000 hex bar is an austenitic stainless steel which is manufacture to be use in high temperature for corrosion resistant application. It resists oxidation up to 2010°F under moderately cyclic condition.

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