Hastelloy C22 round bar

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UNS N06022 flat bar is nickel-chromium-molybdenum solid solution strengthened super-alloy bar with a nominal chemical composition nickel, chromium, molybdenum, with additions of iron, tungsten, and cobalt. It is usually referred to by the tradename Hastelloy C22 and the universal designation UNS N06022.

It has excellent resistance to corrosion and oxidation. It mechanical properties are great over wide range of temperatures and good fabrication properties.

Alloy c22 hex bar Properties

Corrosion Resistance; It is one of the most corrosion resistant alloy. It is almost resistant to all reducing and oxidizing conditions, including strong oxidizers, seawater and organic acids. It provides excellent chloride induced localized corrosion resistance including pitting, stress and crevice corrosion.

Oxidation Resistance; It has excellent oxidation, suffixation and carburization resistance at elevated temperatures. However, it must not be used above 1250°F temperature due to the possible formation of embritting stage.

Workability; It can be hot and cold worked however it works quickly. Hence, cold working must be frequently implement in stages with intervening anneals. Parts must be annealed after cold working.

Hastelloy c22 vs c276

Nickel C22 round bar and C276 mainly consist alloy such as nickel, chromium and molybdenum with a relatively high amount of chromium compared to other hastelloy grades. Hence both these alloy consists of several metals but an outstanding difference between the two is the composition of each metal in the alloy.

Due to this difference their application varies in the chemical industry. For instance, hastelloy C22 is very important due to its enhanced versatility and outstanding chloride-induced pitting resistance where the hastelloy C276 is very essential due to its demonstrate performance in a wide range of aggressive chemicals.

Welding hastelloy c22 rod

There is no special welding requirement or concern given to proper techniques and procedure followed. The GTAW process is the most common met.

Alloy c22 hex bar Applications

Its exceptional corrosion resistance has encouraged it to be used in various different markets where harsh conditions are experienced, including the chemical processing, food processing, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, paper industries and power generation.

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