Incoloy 800 round bar

Om Export India is leading incoloy 800 round bar manufacture. We always emphasis on producing a customize product for our customer demanding applications.

Our engineer and quality teams are expert for both material and application. So we always closely work with each buyer to deliver flexible solution related to the product as well as to application they require the material for.

What is Incoloy 800 material?

Alloy 800 bar is hot finished bar which has high tensile strength. It is known for oxidation and carburization resistance at high temperature which means that it is perfect for elevated temperature applications.

It has nickel, iron and chromium content and the presence of nickel content helps to increase chloride-ion stress corrosion cracking resistance which is actually an important feature of it.

What are the properties of nickel alloy 800 flat bar?

  • High temperature and creep rupture strength
  • Oxidation and carburization resistance in high temperature environment
  • Good corrosion resistance in many acidic condition
  • Good resistance to many sulfur-containing environment

What is the hardness of UNS N08800 square bar?

Incoloy 800 is iron-base heat resistant superalloy material with 50% machinability rating and 184 HB Hardness.

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