Threaded bar

Threaded bar as its name suggest is a metal rod which is threaded all around length of the rod. It is usually made from stainless steel or carbon steel. The threading allow bolts and other type of fixing to be fastened onto bar to suit different construction application.

It is usually used to connect two item together such as wood or metal or to give connection between concrete and another material.

Threaded bar manufacturing process

It is made from round bar at the stated grade and diameter.

Standard grade and diameter threaded rod will usually be mass produced by a thread rolling machine. And this process involves passing round bar through two hardened steel roller to imprint the thread on the round bar.

The rollers are set at a particular distances separately and rotate at right angle to the direction which round bar is being passed through them, and these rolls are applied to the extremely high pressures, mold the round bar into a Stainless steel threaded rod.

In this main automated process, the rod is forced through the rollers in order to imprint the thread on the surface. And then it is sawed to size and the edges are beveled to offer a smooth surface finish.

Nonstandard threaded rods are commonly made through cutting process. It is slightly cut longer than the desired length and pass through a machine which cuts the thread from the surface as it is forced along and then it is cut to length and beveled. This method is slow and expensive compared to thread rolling.

Threaded rod is commonly made from stainless steel, carbon steel, or zinc plated mild steel depending upon the final application.

Fully threaded bar application

It is use where large screws, bolts or anchor bolt are use. A common example of it is in professional construction work, production and processing, repair and maintenance and various other demanding industrial applications.

In this situation the length and diameter need far exceeds a standard bolt so threaded rod is used instead.

The most commonly associated with regular use of Double end threaded bar are:

  • Automotive assembly and repair
  • Agricultural uses
  • Construction
  • Electrical installation
  • Manufacturing, production and processing facilities
  • Medical machinery
  • Marine applications and engineering
  • Plumbing and contracting
  • Plant maintenance

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