Hex bar

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What is hexagonal stainless steel bar?

Hexagonal stainless steel bar is named after the products six sides, which is created heated steel passing through rollers. It is specially shaped for items or machines which needs accurate pieces. It is most commonly used in conveyor tables.

It is usually easy to drill and form, which makes them commonly used in braces, ornaments and interior works. Hexagonal bar has increased mechanical properties and good case hardening qualities. Due to its workability it can be easily weld, cut, form, and machined.

What is the use of steel hex bar?

It is ideal for a variety of applications and hence it is used for most of engineering industries. Such as automotive, aerospace, cement, defence, fabrication, heavy construction equipment, ship building, textile, paper and pulp, industries.

How is hexagonal bright bar measured?

It is measured through its width over the flats and not from corner to corner.

What is the standard size of stainless steel hexagonal bar?

The standard hex steel bar size of ranges from 12 mm to 45 mm diameter.

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