Pump Shaft Quality Stainless Steel Bar

Om Export India offers the following grades 17-4 PH SS, SS 316, 410 SS, 416 SS, XM19, K500, Nitronic® 60, Duplex 2507, MP35N®, A-286 for use in pump shaft quality bars. It can be manufactured in a range of sizes and shapes to meet the needs of non-standard applications. Pump shafts have the similar properties of stainless steel, including corrosion resistance. And this makes them ideal for applications in which they are exhibits to harsh environments. Pump Shaft Quality Stainless Steel Bar can vary in different shape depending on the pump application. It is been manufactured to a higher standard than common steel bars.

Pump Shaft Quality Stainless Bar shows a turned, ground and polished shafting action which is used in the rotating industries by stainless steel bars fabricators. The method in which these bars are treated leads to a tighter diameter tolerance which is achieved through the effects of wear and provides an excellent functional product with specified controlled properties. It also enhances the performance which further ensures minimum vibration through the complete shaft length. Hence, it results is a more effective, efficient, stable, reliable, and high-performing pumping system. It was earlier used for precision shafting in pumps but now because of its tighter diameter tolerances, it is used in many other applications by stainless steel fabricators and exporters. 

PSQ Round baris a rotating or swing round, straight bar that transmits motion and torque. It is basically supported by bearings and carries gears/ wheels

17-4 PH PSQ Round bar Specification Chart

Condition Cold Drawn, Centreless Ground & Polished Peeled, Centresless Ground & Polished
Grades 303, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 410, 416, 420, 430F, 431, 630 (17-4 PH) & others
Diameter (Size) 6mm to 25mm (1/4” to 1”) 25mm to 85mm (1” to 3-1/4”)
Surface Finish Up to 20 RMS Max Up to 20 RMS Max
Up to 0.5µmm max Up to 0.5µmm max
Diameter Tolerance h7, h8, f7, f8 h7, h8, f7, f8
Half of ASTM A484 Half of ASTM A484
Straightness 0.5 mm per meter TIR (0.0015 inch per feet)
Out of Roundness Half of Diameter Tolerence Half of Diameter Tolerence
Length 3 upto 7 meter (12 upto 22 feet) 3 upto 7 meter (12 upto 22 feet)
Length Tolerance -0/+50mm or +20mm or +10mm -0/+50mm or +20mm or +10mm
-0/+2" or 1” or 1/2” -0/+2" or 1” or 1/2”
Heat Treatment Annealed/Quench & Temepered Annealed/Quench & Temepered

PSQ Round bar Composition Chart

416 0.15 1.25 .15 MIN - 12.00/14.00 -

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