Cobalt Alloy Rod

Cobalt Alloy provides a high degree of resistance to corrosion and wear resistant & this characteristics makes it invaluable for many industries. It losses its magnetic properties at 1.115°C & just like titanium, it is useful in medical orthopedic implants that can last for a very long time. This can also be alloyed with 95% platinum to create pieces of jewelry, which means its appropriate for fine casting.

Cobalt 6b Round bar is a cobalt-based alloy which has great erosion, abrasion and wear resistance. Its wear resistance is due to the chemical composition and is not a product of heat treatment or other hardening mechanisms. Cobalt Alloy Rod is a low coefficient friction which allows it to withdraw galling and seizing. It is useful in areas and applications where lubrication is impractical or difficult. Even under constant erosive environment it provides exceptional cavitation erosion resistance. Due to the elevated temperature exposure its hardness, impact strength, and dimensional stability gets little effected. It maintains high hardness at elevated temperatures and recovers its original hardness upon cooling to room temperature. This unique property, coupled with good corrosion resistance to a multitude of media and superior mechanical properties in relation to its outstanding wear resistant characteristics, makes it versatile and hence it can be used in various applications where wear, corrosion and temperature are concerns.

UNS R30016 Hex Bar is suitable for use in a variety of high wear and erosion applications. Its abrasion resistance allows it to be used as industrial scraper blades and knives in the food processing, textile industries and waste water treatment. It is also used in applications where erosion is an issue such as pumps, nozzles, valves and mixing blades that are moving slurries where cavitation damage is a concern. AMS 5894 Cobalt 6b Flat Bar also has corrosion resistance in a variety of media in addition to being wear resistant. Additional resistance against corrosion can be provided through molybdenum, chromium, nickel and tungsten. It is very resistant to oxidation at ambient temperatures and has good oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures. Cobalt Alloy 6b Square Bar is resistant to different aqueous corrosive media at various temperature combinations and concentration. The carbon content of Stellite 6b Hex Bar makes it more difficult to machine compared to other cobalt based alloys, but tungsten carbide tools can still be used to machine this alloy.

Cobalt Stellite 6b Round Bar can be welded by using a range of methods, including MIG, TIG, shielded metal arc and coated electrode welding. A preheat treatment to 1000°F should be used and maintained to prevent cracking during welding. Ventilation is also needed to minimize exposure to airborne dust, fumes, and particulate matter while grinding, machining or welding. Its standard heat treatment is 2250°F followed by an air cool. Stellite 6b Rod has also found use in industrial sliding wear applications such as in chemical processing for valves and turbine blade components for steam control in the power industry. It can also be found in bearing assemblies in heat treat furnaces.

What is Cobalt Chromium Alloy?

We are the renowned Cobalt Supplier in India and it is been procured from the trusted manufacturers in order to provide good quality of product to our valuable customers. Cobalt Based Superalloys are materials whose cobalt-basis is alloyed with elements such as chromium, tungsten, nickel and iron. Along with nickel-based alloys, it is been utilized in challenging conditions such as high temperatures and acids. While cobalt-based alloys are considered to be highly corrosion resistant, its durability can be further improved by a diffusion treatment. Cobalt Superalloys are used for components in challenging areas applications, such as hot gas turbines. It is useful in industrial applications and industries that can utilizing its magnetic properties, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and it’s strengthen at elevated temperatures

Cobalt Chromium Alloy are metals whose major mass fraction is cobalt. The base mixture of most cobalt alloys is cobalt-chromium, with chromium as a strengthening alloy. By the addition of tungsten and/or molybdenum can affect strengthening even more. Another common element that is found in many cobalt-based alloys are nickel and it is even more resistant to heat compared to cobalt and is added to broaden element in a range of temperature resistance. Processing is important and although the above metals are helpful, others such as oxygen can weaken the structure. Therefore vacuum melting is commonly used to give strict control over the elemental make-up of the superalloy.

Properties Of Cobalt Based Superalloys

  • It display favourable mechanical properties
  • It is corrosion, wear and heat resistant
  • It has great resistance against sulfides

Cobalt Alloy Rod Specifications

Cobalt Chromium Molybdenum Alloy CoCrMo
AMS AMS 5788
Grade Cobalt Alloy Round Bars
Dimensions DIN, ASME, AISI, BS, ASTM, EN, JIS,
Length 1 to 6 Meters, Custom Cut Lengths
Manufacturing all types of Cobalt Alloy Rods Forging, Square, Round, Ingot, Hex(A/F), Rectangle, Billet,
Other forms available Seamless Tube, Pipe, Rods, Bars, Fittings, Flanges, Plate, Strip, Sheet, Plate, Coil, wire etc.

Stellite 6b Bar Chemical Composition

Element %
Carbon 0.9-1.4
Manganese 2.00max
Silicon 2.00max
Chromium 28-32%
Molybdenum 1.50max
Tungsten 3.5-5.5
Iron 3.00max
Nickel 3.00max
Cobalt balance

Cobalt Alloy 6b Rods Mechanical Properties

Property Value
Tensile Strength 130 ksi
0.2% Offset Yield Strength 70 ksi
Elongation in 4D 5%
Reduction of Area 7%

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