Cold drawn steel bar

Om Export India, is engaged in offering a wide variety of Cold Drawn Steel Bar, which is available in different specifications and wide variety of industry applications. It is appreciated for optimum strength, dimensional accuracy and perfect finish.

Cold drawn steel bar is also known as cold finish steel bar. It is typically manufacture as turned bar or cold drawn bar. It is skilled by pulling bar through die which is portable than the arrive hot rolled size.

The cold working process improve the dimensional tolerances of the bar, the straightness, the surface appearance as well as enhances the physical properties of it.

Some of the type of cold drawn steel bar are given below:

  • Cold rolled steel hex bars has high strength and good surface finish, it does decrease the ductility.
  • Cold drawn bright steel bar are usually harder to work with compared to black steel due to the increased carbon content.
  • Cold drawn steel round bar is usually produced as turned bars or cold finished bars. The common applications of it includes braces, frameworks, supports, shafts, and axles.
  • Cold drawn steel flat bar has smooth and a bit shiny finish with square edges and its size are more exact.

Cold rolled steel billets benefits

There are various benefits of some of these are

  • Improved size accuracy: Its close tolerances allows for much smoother use in machines and less adjustments are required for size differences.
  • Straightness: The permissible tolerance of cold rolled steel shafts aims to make it straighter producing much less difference while machining hence bars are easier to maintain.
  • Greater Machinability: It is produce by using special bar quality steel. In most situation the cold drawing method essentially improve machinability. This help to make chip easier to break, increase life of equipment, faster manufacturing run and easier clean cutting, save production and labor time.

While using lower carbon grades, the machinability improve which guide the way to better life of tool.

  • Better Mechanical Properties: It increase both tensile and yield strength. The yield strength can be doubled and its ductility is bit while hardness is increased.
  • Surface Finish: It is smooth and can be used for various applications

Cold finished steel bars applications

Most industries like construction, uses cold rolled steel. There are common applications such as given below
  • Industrial building
  • Oil and water well shafting
  • It is use where the product needs a defect free surface
  • Gear and shaft
Cold rolled steel rounds process

It is produced with either hot rolled steel bar or rod as raw material through various process that starts with shot-blasting to remove scale and rust that is intrinsic in hot rolled products and would decline the surface finish of the bar if allowed to remain.

Next the raw material is cold drawn through a tungsten carbide die, where its cross section is reduced and formed into the expected shape. At the initial stage, the bar is straightened and polished before it is covered with rust protective oil and then it packed for storage and delivery.

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