Monel k500 round bar

Om Export India, is one of the largest Monel k500 round bar suppliers. It is offered in various specifications and sizes. We ensure to provide a durable product for that our manufacturing team utilized superior quality material and uses latest technology and machinery according to international standard.

We keep on improving our products and service to meet the requirement perfectly and ensure on-time delivery in case of urgent requirement.

Monel alloy K-500 round bar has excellent corrosion resistance characteristic with the added advantages of greater strength and hardness. The properties can be increased by adding aluminum and titanium to the nickel-copper base. And the thermal processing can be used to effect precipitation which is commonly called age hardening or aging.

ASTM B865 UNS N05500 rod properties

  • Excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of environments
  • Excellent mechanical properties from sub-zero temperatures up to about 480°C
  • Good impingement attack resistance
  • High fatigue strength in seawater
  • High hardness and strength from sub-zero to elevated temperatures
  • Low magnetic permeability to very low temperatures
  • Resistant to chloride stress corrosion

What is the application of alloy K500 square bar?

It is enormously used in chemical and processing fields. However, it is costly so it can be used only where cheaper alternatives are not available. Usually, it is 3 times more expensive as compared to carbon steel.

Its typical applications are boiler feed water heaters, chemical processing equipment, crude petroleum stills, electrical and electronic components, film processing, fuel tanks, gasoline and water tanks, heat exchangers, marine fixtures, and fasteners, process vessels and piping, pump and propeller shafts, valves and pumps.

Is DIN 2.4375 bars magnetic?

DIN 2.4375 bars is non-magnetic to -200° F. But it develop magnetic layer on material surface while processing. Copper and aluminum particularly oxidize while heating which may leave magnetic nickel rich feature on exterior side. Bright dipping in acid or pickling can remove its magnetic feature and can restore the non-magnetic properties.

What are the speeds and feeds of alloy K500 hex bar?

The Monel K500 bars speed is 95-110 sfm and feed is 0.005-0.007in, at a cutting depth of 0.040 inside dry or water base coolant.

What is the machinability of Monel K500 flat bar?

Alloy K500 bars is nickel base heat resistant superalloy material which can be machine in annealed condition. And its machinability rating is of 35% in the hardness of 88 HRB.

Heavy machining is best done in the annealed or hot-worked and quenched condition, while better surface finish can be attain on age-hardened materials. It is suggested to machine slightly oversize then age harden and then finish the machine.

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