Inconel 600 round bar

Om Export India, is one of the largest supplier of Inconel 600 round bar. It is use for various industrial sector widely due to its outstanding feature. It is manufacture according to international and national quality standard.

Alloy 600 hex bar is standard engineering material which is use for applications which requires corrosion and heat resistance. It also has excellent mechanical properties and give the advantageous combination of good workability and high strength. Inconel 600 temperature ranges up to 2000°F for use at cryogenic temperature and elevate temperature.

Inconel alloy 600 rod properties

  • Corrosion Resistance: It has high chromium content which increase its oxidation resistance much above that of pure nickel while its high nickel content offer good corrosion resistance under reducing condition. It exhibit high stress resistance to exhaust gas, stress and salt water and most organic acids and compounds.
  • Heat Treatment: Alloy 600 bar is not an age hardening alloy, hardening can be done only by means of cold working. Softening through annealing starts at about 1600°F and rationally it completes after 10 – 15 minutes of heating at 1800°F. Above this temperature grain growth can be undesirable even if very brief heating at 1900°F will cause complete softening without excessive grain growth. Therefore cooling rate has no effect on the softening, it can be water quenched or air cooled.
  • Workability

Hot Working/Forging:

For forging low sulfur reducing furnace environment must be used in forging. Major hot working should be done between the ranges of 2300-1850°F, while light working may be carry on as low as 1600°F. Due to lower ductility in that range hot working should not be attempted between the ranges of 1600-1200°F.


Inconel 600 flat bar is machinable both in hot worked and annealed condition. Because reasonable heat is produce for machining high speed steel. Cemented carbide tools or cast nonferrous must be utilize and the tools must be sharp.

Lathe turning speeds with high speed and nonferrous tools are 35/45 sfm; speeds with cemented carbide tools are 100/175 sfm. As a lubricant sulfur based oil should be used but just as in welding it should be completely removed before machined part is expose to elevated temperature.

Cold Working

For high properties it can be cold work below 1200°F.


Welding can be done by usual process such as brazing and soldering.

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