Inconel 718 round bar

Om Export India is Inconel 718 round bar supplier in national and international market. We offer it in superior quality in various grade, size, standard, dimension and thickness as per the demand.

Our fabrication team ensures strict test of the raw material prior to the fabrication process. We are known for supplying best range of Inconel 718 ams 5663 round bar at competitive price with good payment and delivery terms.

Alloy 718 round bar properties

Corrosion resistance

Its protective oxide layer provide variant a significant amount of oxidation resistance which protect it from corrosion.

Outstanding weldability

It is difficult to weld due to brittleness and cracking at the exact welding point. However, Inconel 718 has been created to label this issue, whether arc welding or electron-beam is used.

Good machining and malleability

Most Inconel 718 ground bars are strain hardening while machining or shaping is attempt. Inconel 718 rod is different because it is easier to machine by using hard cutting implement through slow cutting mechanism.

High mechanical strength

At room temperature, it exhibits yield strength 725 MPa minimum and tensile strength 1035 MPa. When alloy 718 round bar undergoes solution and precipitation treatment, increase to 1035 MPa and 1240 MPa, respectively.

Natural heat protection

It has an intrinsic ability to create a strong and stable oxide layer when exposed to heat. This natural metallization feature safe the material against damage. Roll threading of it is possible through 700°C induction heating after fully aging the material.

Temperature resistance

With melting point of 1430°C Inconel 718 exhibits effective heat and high temperatures resistance. It also work well in cryogenic environment which display the range of temperature resistance which it possesses.

DIN 2.4668 square bar usage

It is frequently use within the aerospace and aviation industries. Engineers wants the reliability and efficiency of engines, not to mention their longevity. Alloy 718 round bar is selected for their balance between cost and performance.

It is essential to use material which provide strength and corrosion resistance in hottest section of engine. The material which are use under challenging conditions, with both atmospheric and mechanical stress to consider.

For example, it can be use in jet engine and high-speed airframe parts, including fasteners, wheels, instrumentation parts, bolts, spacers and buckets. It is also utilized for engineer components for liquid-fueled rockets, casings and rings, even for various formed sheet metal parts for turbine engines, both land-based and aircraft.

At the other end of the temperature scale, it is also used in cryogenic tankage.

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