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At Om Exports India Pvt Ltd, we have embarked on an inspiring journey of evolution and innovation. Over the years, we have embraced new technologies, broadened our horizons and continuously raised the bar to provide innovative metal solutions to the industry worldwide.

Our Expertise:
We have a long history that goes back to when Om Exports was founded, and we have grown to be a powerful force in the metals sector. Precision production, top-notch metal supply, and careful fabrication services are just a few of our many areas of competence.

Diverse Industries, Proven Excellence:
At Om Exports India Pvt Ltd, we have no limitations. We have carved a place for ourselves in a number of industries like aviation, construction, oil and gas, defense and many others. Wherever steel is a driving force, our expertise is evident.

Commited to ‘Make in India’
The Make in India program is closely linked to our journey. We manufacture products of the highest caliber to showcase our country’s potential on a global scale, and we take great pride in our commitment to domestic manufacturing.

Quality is Our Signature:
We are proud of the fact that we are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, PED and NSIC certified. Every product bearing the Om Exports name is guaranteed to be the epitome of perfection, reliability and precision thanks to our stringent quality control procedures.

Beyond Business – Our Philosophy:
For us, it’s about impact, not just numbers. Our goal is to continuously deliver quality services, not to serve thousands of customers. Every job we take on and every solution we provide serves as a monument to our philosophy of writing success stories with world-class products and unsurpassed service.

Join Us in Shaping Tomorrow
As you look through our website, you’ll see that Om Exports stands out for its unique combination of expertise, ingenuity and unwavering commitment. Join us in defining the future with innovative metal solutions.

Contact us today to embark on a journey of excellence together. Your success is our pride.

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