Nickel alloy flanges

Om Export India Pvt Ltd. is a well-known provider of nickel alloy flanges to both national and international businesses. We offer a variety of varieties, sizes, and specifications in stock. It is beneficial for a variety of industrial applications, and our clients consistently praise our product quality. Our quality team ensures that only the highest quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology are used.

Nickel flanges are precisely constructed to ensure a strong connection in high pressure, undersea tubing, extreme temperature swings, exchangers, desalination, low cycle fatigue, marine hardware, bending or other stress in pipe systems, and other applications.

Nickel 200 flange is manufactured of commercially pure nickel, which is best recognised for its outstanding performance in caustic solutions such as caustic soda. It also performs well in acids, notably hydrofluoric acids and hydroxides, but it is susceptible to attack by a typical solution of hydrochloric or sulfuric acids.

It is robust but not exceptionally strong because to its high ductility and low hardness. It is resistant to corrosive environments, particularly those containing reducing chemicals. It provides great protection against caustic alkaline solutions. It is vulnerable to assault in an oxidising salt solution.

It can be used in chemical and industrial applications, notably those involving caustic soda. It possesses excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as magnetic characteristics, making it suitable for use in electric and acoustic devices. It can be used in the manufacturing of salt as well as applications involving sodium hydroxide and fluorine.

Types of Ni forged flanges

Alloy high in nickel Blind flanges are used in pipe process equipment to seal flange connections. It is frequently used to access and maintain equipment as an instrumentation part.

Lap of Ni alloy Fits over pipe, together with flare or stub end. This allows the flange to swivel freely, making it easier to align the bolt hole. Which is suitable for systems whose design is subject to change or disassembly on a regular basis.

Pure nickel Slip On flanges typically “slip” over pipe before being welded in place. This allows the flange to freely swivel in order to conveniently align the bolt hole before putting and welding it in place.

Nickel Socket Welding Internal stops on the flange support the pipes when welding. By placing the pipe into the socket, which prevents the pipe from sliding all the way through, and then welding the flange to establish the connection. It is comparable to a slide on flange, but it gives a stronger connection.

High nickel content Without the requirement for welding, a threaded flange is screwed into male NPT pipe. It is simple to install and uninstall. It is most commonly used for small diameter pipe.

Alloy of pure nickel Weld neck flanges are also known as butt weld flanges because they are welded directly to the pipe at the flange neck. It has a bevelled end and generates a durable, strong weld when connected to the pipe. It is preferred for high-pressure applications.

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