Monel 400 flanges

Om Export India Pvt Ltd is a well-known supplier of Monel 400 Flanges. It is offered in a variety of high-quality variants. It is used in a variety of industrial applications, including marine applications and other non-oxidizing chloride solutions. We place a high value on product quality and require that it go through the whole testing procedure. It is affordable and available in all conventional sizes and dimensions.

Alloy 400 flanges are used to join pipe, valves, pumps, and other items to create a piping system. It also allows for simple cleaning, examination, and adjustment. It is frequently welded or bolted together. It joints are made by bolting two flanges together with a gasket between them to provide a seal.

It is a common high performance nickel copper alloy flange that offers high strength, excellent resistance to acidic and alkaline environments, as well as strong ductility and thermal conductivity. It retains its qualities and performance at temperatures ranging from -40°F to 1,000°F and can only be toughened by cold processing.


Types of DIN 2.4360 socket weld flanges

Here are some examples of flanges used in piping systems that are dependent on other factors.

The Alloy 400 Slip on Flange is a ring that fits over the pipe end. The flange face expands sufficiently from the pipe end to apply welded bead to the inner diameter. Slip-on flanges are named after the fact that they slip over pipe.
400 % nickel Weld neck flanges are also referred to as tapered hub flanges or high-neck flanges. It has a neck that can effectively transfer pipe strain. It even provides for a reduction in the pressure gathered at the flange’s bottom. It is suitable for pipelines that operate at low or high temperatures and can withstand high pressure.

On the outside, UNS N04400 socket weld flanges are joined only by a fillet weld. It is rarely recommended for important services. It is useful for your system’s small-bore lines. Although the static strength is comparable to slip-on flanges, the fatigue strength is 50% greater than double-welded slip-on flanges. When space is limited, it is usually used as an alternative to weld necks.
Nickel 400 blind flanges are manufactured without a bore and are used to seal the ends of pressure vessel openings, valves, and pipes. When it comes to bolt loading and internal pressure, the most overloaded flange types are blind flanges, which are relatively large.

Material 2.4360 Lap joint flanges are a two-part arrangement that includes a stub end and a lap-joint ring flange. After butt welding the stub end to the pipe, the flange ring can be rotated to align with the mating flange. This flange connection is especially useful for large or difficult-to-accommodate flanges.
Orifice flanges made of nickel 400 are used in pipelines to measure or regulate the pressure or flow of gases and liquids. It is typically sold as a package deal with the plate and jack screws.

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