Incoloy 800 flanges

Om Export India pvt Ltd is a well-known company that provides inconel 800 flange suppliers in India. We provide high-quality flanges in a variety of dimensions, standards, specifications, and sizes. It is available with both standard and customised specs. The product is created by specialists in accordance with national and international standards, and it has been tested before usage.

Properties of alloy 800 flanges

It has a high temperature and creep rupture strength.
In a high-temperature environment, it is resistant to oxidation and carburization.
It has good corrosion resistance in many acidic environments.
It is resistant to many sulphur-containing atmospheres.


The UNS N08800 socket weld flange is used.

It is used in a variety of applications and is a dependable way to connect a piping system to various equipment, valves, and other components of virtually any processing system. It is the second most used joining method after welding. It increases flexibility while retaining the piping system by allowing for quicker dismantling and increased access to system parts.


Resistance characteristics of Nickel 800 threaded flanges

It is resistant to oxidation, carburization, and other forms of high-temperature corrosion.
It is resistant to reducing, nitriding, and oxidising environments, as well as alternating reducing and oxidising atmospheres. In long-term high-temperature service, the alloy remains stable.
Incoloy 800HT has a high temperature resistance comparable to Incoloy 800H. It also maintains its stability in long-term high-temperature use.
The combination of high nickel and chromium elements in Incoloy 800H and 800HT provides exceptional oxidation resistance qualities to both alloys. The aqueous corrosion resistance of high nickel and chromium elements is the same. When used with nitric and organic acids, it can be compared to SS 304.


Incoloy 800 plate flange types

  • Weld Neck Flange
  • Slip on Flange
  • Socket Weld Flange
  • Lap Joint Flange
  • Blind Flange
  • Threaded Flange
  • Long Weld Neck Flange
  • Nippo Flange
  • Weldo Flange
  • Swivel Flange
  • Expanding Flange
  • Reducing Flange

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