Inconel 625 flanges

Om Export India Pvt Ltd manufactures Inconel 625 flanges. It is offered in both national and international quality specifications. Our quality and product specialist team comprehends customer requirements and operational conditions and fabricates customised goods accordingly.

Alloy 625 flanges are a nickel-based super alloy flange that offers high temperature resistance, high tensile qualities, and exceptional corrosion and oxidation resistance. It can withstand severe stress and a wide temperature range both in and out of water. It may also withstand corrosion when exposed to very acidic conditions, making it valuable for maritime and nuclear applications.

The material qualities of UNS N06625 flanges

It has great strength and toughness, as well as good corrosion and oxidation resistance and fatigue strength. It is a nonmagnetic, nickel-based alloy flange with a working temperature range ranging from cryogenic to 2,000°F.

Types of DIN 2.4856 flanges

Flanges with Screws

It has only one fillet weld on the outside and is not recommended for critical service. It is applied to small-bore lines. It has the same static strength as Slip On flanges, but it has a 50% higher fatigue strength than double-welded Slip On flanges.

To ensure adequate bore length, the thickness of the connecting pipe must be defined. A gap must be formed in the socket weld flange between the flange or fit and the pipe prior to welding.

Blind Flanges with a High Hub

It is used to seal the pipe constructions’ ends. It’s a circular plate with proper bolt holes but no centre hold. It comes in various sizes and is intended to provide an effective closer at the extremities of pipes, valves, or nozzles.

When it is sealed, the line can be easily accessed. It is sometimes custom-built or machined to match the nominal size of the pipe being reduced. This decrease could occur in threads or welds. It is commonly supplied with NPT fittings, allowing for the installation of a pressure test connection.

Flanges that are loose

It is a device that is welded to the end of a pipe to form half of a flanged connection. There are loose flanges that can be used with elbows, valves, and nearly any form of pipeline element.

Flange for Nipo

It is a combination of a weldolet, a nipolet, and a welding neck flange that is frequently used in the pipe industry for a 90-degree branch connection. A weld flange is designed like a weldolet on the run pipe side and has a flange connection on the other side.

Flange for Spade and Ring Spacers

It is comparable to spectacle blinds, except that they are not both joined. It is commonly used in big pipe size applications or in systems where maintenance is not regularly required.

Depending on the stress level and flange size, spades can weigh hundreds of pounds. The main reason for temporarily replacing spade and ring spacer is the high maintenance of the pipe system.

Applications for Inconel alloy 625 weld neck flange

Its primary function is to connect pumps, pipes, valves, and other tools to form a pipework system. It is usually threaded or welded, and two flanges can be bolted together. It is utilised in a variety of applications; typically, engineers must devise a method for securely closing off a chamber or cylinder because the material inside must differ in composition or pressure from the stuff outside.

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