Alloy 20 Fasteners

Om Export India, is alloy 20 fasteners manufacturers, we have diverse stock in different size, shape, end finish, surface finish, length and dimension. It is best pipe element for connecting equipment which is use in industries.

UNS N08020 hex bolts is permanent or non-permanent mechanical tool which securely connect or attaches two surface or items together. Non-permanent fastener can be quickly remove without harming the joined material.

The eradication of permanent fasteners may need considerable force and can harm connected surfaces. Permanent fastener are manufacture for a long lasting secure connection.

It exhibits excellent corrosion resistance in chemical environment which contains nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric and chloride acid. It provide good mechanical properties at elevated and ambient temperature both.

The wide range of nickel alloy 20 fasteners includes bolts, nuts, screws, and washers which comes in various sizes, types and arrangements. It is one of the most utilize tools for manufacturing, building and arranging variety of products and industrial instruments.

All types of fasteners

There are countless number of size, shape, length and fastener which ranges from common nail to huge bolts to carry a heavy manufacturing equipment in particular place.

* Non-Permanent Incoloy 20 Threaded Fasteners

  • UNS N08020 Bolts – anchor bolts, arbor bolts, carriage bolts, elevator bolts, hex head bolts, double end bolts, eye bolts, u-shaped bolts,
  • carpenter 20 Screws- self drilling screw, sheet metal screw, machine screw, dowel screw
  • alloy 20 n08020 Nuts – cap nuts, castle nuts, weld nuts, hex nuts, nylon lock nuts, flange nuts
  • 20cb3 alloy 20 Heads – flat screw head, raised screw head, bugle screw head, domed screw head, truss screw head, binding screw head, flange screw head, pan screw head
  • DIN 2.4660 Drivers – slotted driver, Phillips driver, pozi driver, torque driver, hexagonal interior and exterior driver, combination driver, square recessed driver, one way driver

Alloy 20 Permanent Fasteners

  • Carpenter 20 Nails – common nails, box nails, brad nails, finishing nails, cut nails, drywall nails, flooring nails, concrete nails, roofing nails
  • Nickel alloy 20 Rivets – solid rivets, tubular rivets, blind rivets, drive rivets, split rivets
  • Alloy 20 uns 8020 Anchors – acoustical wedge, double expansion shield, hammer drive pin
  • UNS N08020 Inserts – externally and internally threaded inserts, key locking inserts, press in inserts, helical screw inserts, blind threaded stud inserts,

Different types of bolt fasteners

It is one of the most common type of fasteners and are utilized to hold two non-threaded parts together. The bolt head comes in various types which is attached to the threaded male ends. It is classified by its shape and head type.

  • Incoloy 20 Anchor bolts: It referred to as “cast in place” which means it is included in the fabrication of the element or part and are permanently joint to it. Different types of anchor bolts are made for particular work. It is an industrial bolt which has been set into concrete for securing columns and to support foundations.
  • UNS N08020 Arbor bolts: It has washer which is permanently attach to the head and reverse threading. The head has sunken design which make a ridge on head. It is design to be used with tool such as miter saw to keep the blade in place.
  • Alloy 20 Carriage bolts: It has smooth head with square section located below which keep the bolt from turning while secured. It is popular because it can be use with any type of material from steel to wood.
  • Nickel alloy 20 Elevator bolts: It is fabricated to be used in the construction of elevators and has a large flat head with a square neck below to keep the connection secure while vibrations and shock are present. The flat head is designed to fit flat and flush against the attached surface material as well as to offer a load bearing capacity.
  • 20cb3 carpenter 20 Hex head bolts: It has hexagonal shape head which make it easy to tighten using box, socket or crescent wrench. Its six sides give the bolt a proper granularity angle for fastening the bolt in tough condition.
  • 2.4660 alloy 20 Double end bolts: It has threads at both the ends without a head. It can have a nut on one end and can be inserted into a threaded hole. It comes with five threads for the tap end and class 2A threads for the nut end.
  • Alloy 20 Eye bolts: It has a loop or circular configuration instead of head. The eye or loop is used for protecting electrical lines, holding chains in place, and for guiding ropes.
  • Nickel alloy 20 U shaped bolts: It has two threaded arms connected by U shaped bend without a head. Its threaded ends are designed to connect washers and nuts.

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