Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Positive Material Identification (PMI) is one of the more specialised non destructive testing methods. With positive material identification the alloy composition of materials can be determined.

Portable Hardness Test

Portable Hardness Testers that work on direct impression methods (similar to conventional machines), rebound method (measured in leeb value) and UCI method. Measured hardness number can be easily converted into any other scale like Rockwell, Superficial Rockwell, Brinell or Vickers.

Direct impression method has various probes for different loads and controlled with the load cell mechanism. These lightweight testers can be carried to any site with ease. They are equipped with an LCD operating console, user friendly interface with easy test settings and generate clear results, real time statistics and graphs.

These testers are operative up to 360° degrees of positioning, even upside down. In compliance with ASTM E110 and ISO 50157 hardness standards, it can do hardness testing on almost all metals: chromed surfaces, nitrided surfaces, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze, metal wire, ceramic items, glass materials, hard/soft steel and hard/soft plastic.